Modification Question
The engine type is not stock and meets ALL of the following conditions:
The engine was originally installed in the same bodyshell group. Bodyshells are considered in the same group if they are from consecutive model years and have the similar curb weights, and wheelbases per the list below.
Body Shell Groups:
356 All
911 and 912 1965 - 1968
911 and 912 1969 - 1973
911 and 912 1974 - 1977
911 SC
3.2 Carrera
911 Turbo through 1989
914 All
924 and 924 turbo
928 All
944, 924S, 968 All
964 All
993 All
996 All
Boxster All
Cayenne All
Carrera GT
The engine has the same number of cylinders as the stock engine type. · The engine has from zero to 30cc increase from the stock swept volume capacity for the engine type #.
ACTION : Go back to the base model choice and select the specific model where the engine type # was factory installed. Answer all engine modification options as deviations from the stock configuration of the engine type for the base model now selected.

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