Modification Question
Select this option if the car has any of the following: With the exception of air conditioning systems and gasoline heaters has the car has been modified by the removal or replacement of any ancillary system parts. NOTE: This item is intended to allocate points to any components either removed or replaced that are not covered specifically in other line items. This item applies if the car has complete systems removed or only specific components removed, regardless of whether the system functionality has been restored using other components (it is assumed the motive for removing the O.E. equipment was weight reduction.) Exceptions to this rule are the removal of those components necessary to allow for the correct installation of safety equipment. Examples of Exceptions to this rule would be: · Removal of the O.E. seatbelt retractor when it interferes with a roll bar or roll cage installation. · Removal of a bumper over-rider for the installation of a permanent tow hook.

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