Modification Question
Interior Trim - Select one of three options
These line choices are for the reduction of weight that is the result of interior modifications.
Porsche factory lightweight cars typically achieved this with simplified door panels, lighter carpet, removal of carpet padding, removal of sound insulation, and removal of panel quieting materials such as tar panels. "Trim" or "trimmed panels" refer to the visible finished surface materials as well as their underlying substrate panels. For example: a door trim panel is typically comprised of a plastic or hardboard substrate panel which is covered in vinyl or carpet. The O.E. panel would be in compliance with 18a) If the vinyl or carpet is removed or replaced with a non-stock material, then item 18b) would apply. If the door trim panel is removed completely, exposing the sheet metal structure of the door, item 18c) would apply. This example can be applied to any interior trim component. Replacement of Seats is declared separately in item 17). Do not include seats in this item.

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