Modification Question
Car has a Porsche FRONT SPOILER which was a FACTORY OPTION for this model and type (regardless of year so long as within same series (e.g. pre-'74, '74-89, 964, 993, 996, 986, etc)). Front spoiler is defined as including all body panels lower than the leading edge of the hood panel and forward of the front wheels. Aftermarket replicas must be identical in shape & weight to factory parts to qualify for this option rather than 30b. Note that this mod does not include any Porsche Motorsports front spoiler, or any extra air-dam or splitter or related aerodynamic device that was not available as a factory option for this model and type, nor does this mod include front spoilers or add-on splitters from other Porsche models or types (e.g. the RS, GT3 or GT2 lower front dam/splitter is not included here for a 996/997 Carrera unless that exact device was available as a factory option for that model and type sold in the USA).

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