Modification Question
The car has any factory sport suspension that was not standard equipment for that model & type, AND/OR any active suspension kit (even if the active suspension was standard equipment for the model and type (e.g. PASM on a '05 997S)). Optional sport suspension kits include: M030, Sport PASM, "Rest of World" M030, M491, X73, X74, etc. These kits typically include slightly different springs, shocks, anti-roll bars and rubber bushings, all of which are collectively declared by selecting this one item so long as all remain unmodified. However, for those cars where such a suspension option was bundled with additional parts unrelated to suspension, such non-suspension parts must also be declared in addition to this item. For example: a factory limited-slip differential (LSD) was bundled with "Sport PASM" on the 997.2, so such a car must declare item 33 for the LSD in addition to this item.

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