Instructions for filling out the Car Classification Form

The purpose of this Car Classification Form is to get a detailed appraisal of all of the performance related differences between the car you are classifying and a stock car as delivered by the Porsche factory for the specific type, model and year.

In Part 1 of the form, enter your name, e-mail address, and the model and year of car you are classifying. All these fields, including e-mail address, are required. Part 2 collects further information, including the modifications that have been done. Enter the permanent car number if you have one. If you are classifying a single car in multiple configurations (e.g. with and without race tires), submit a separate form for each configuration and use the "Comment" field to distinguish them, e.g. "with race tires" or "autocross".

You must enter the car model based on the chassis as delivered from the factory. If you've converted your car to a different model, (911T to a 911S, for example), you should still use the model indicated by the VIN/Chassis number. You'll have to add the modifications that you used for the conversion as modification points.

For engine swaps or displacement changes (e.g. new pistons and cylinders), follow the directions detailed in the modification questions dealing with engine swaps. If the displacement differs from the base model indicated by the VIN/Chassis number, you must enter the actual displacement of the car (in cc) in the "Displacement" field of the form. You must also answer the questions in the "Engine Swaps" section of the form. Note: the directions for these questions may call for changing your initial base model selection.

Enter the width of your wheels in inches, both front and rear, (e.g. 8.5, not 8 1/2). Use the wheel width, NOT the tire width.

Please read each statement listed and decide if it is applicable to the car you are evaluating. If you need a more detailed statement with examples, click the [more...] link. Many questions have much more information available through this link. If the statement is applicable, check the checkbox. If the statement does NOT apply to your car, leave the checkbox unchecked. In some instances, there is a group of statements preceded by "radio buttons". These statements are mutually exclusive -- you can only select one option, and you MUST select one option for your car.

The term "stock" and phrase "different from stock" are used extensively in this form. The term "stock" is used to indicate the condition of an entire car and its equipment, specific by type, model and year, as delivered by the Porsche factory. Do not interpret "stock" to be synonymous with "factory part". For instance, 930 brake calipers are Porsche factory parts, and they were delivered from the factory on 1986 Carrera Turbo and Carrera Turbo-Look models. Therefore, these calipers would be considered "stock" on a 1986 Carrera Turbo-Look car. However, when fitted on a "normal" 1986 Carrera, these calipers would be considered "different from stock" because these calipers were not delivered on this specific model in this year from the Porsche factory.

Movement of Porsche parts forward and backward between model years is considered "different from stock". Also, fitment of Porsche parts from special models, such as an RS, RSR, E, S, GT2, GT3, etc. to base model cars, even of the same type and year, are considered "different from stock".

If Porsche factory options available for the specific type, model and year of car are fitted to the car after it has been delivered from the Factory, these options will be considered stock as long as the car could have been delivered as such from the Porsche factory this way. However, fitting the M30 suspension parts to a car that has another conflicting option or option package, will cause the suspension parts to be considered "different from stock". That is, option combinations that are not offered from the factory are considered "different from stock".

Important note: A few items may apply to a completely stock car. These items must still be checked if they apply to your car!



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