Welcome to the home of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) Golden Gate Region (GGR) Points Classification System for the GGR Time Trial (TT) and Autocross (AX) series. PCA members of other regions using the GGR Points System are also welcome to use this site to classify their cars.

Note: If you are driving an unmodified car as normally delivered and specified for use in the United States and Canada, you can use the Zone 7 Showroom Stock classes as described in the Zone 7 autocross rules. Cars that are modified from stock should use this points-based classification system.

In the event of a discrepancy in the class assigned to a car by this site and the class that would be assigned by proper application of the published GGR Rule Book, the published rules will prevail.

Explanation of Links

Use the Car Classification Form to classify your car within this system. View the instructions for filling out the form.

Use the Edit/Delete Classification Form to edit your car classification or to delete the classification for a car you no longer intend to run.

View the Classed TT Cars or the Classed AX Cars that are currently in the system. Find out who your competitors are and where your car stands in comparison.

View the Car Classes List to see the car classes and their points range.

View the Car Models List to see the starting points for your car.

View the Modifications Points List to see the assigned points for different modifications.

About the GGR Points System

Find out more about the principles behind the GGR Points System here.


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